Our prices are based on your document's word count and your desired turnaround time.


English Language Editing: Silver

 Business days
Word count3 days5 days12 days
Very short (<1,500 words)$268$240N/A
Regular (1,500–6,000 words)$407$335N/A
Long (6,001–12,000 words)$530$452N/A
Custom (>12,000 words)N/A$50$41

English Language Editing: Gold

 Business days
Word count4 days7 days14 days
Very short (<1,500 words)$416$360N/A
Regular (1,500–6,000 words)$555$465N/A
Long (6,001–12,000 words)$699$600N/A
Custom (>12,000 words)N/A$72$58

Scientific Editing

To obtain a price for scientific editing, please request a quote on your paper.

As a guide price, a document of 1,500–3,000 words costs US$2,000 for a Standard turnaround.

Word countStandard turnaround
(Business days)
Express turnaround
(Business days)
Very short (<1,500 words)10 days6 days
Short (1,500–3,000 words)11 days7 days
Regular (3,001–6,000 words)13 days9 days
Long (6,001–12,000 words)15 days10 days
Custom (>12,000 words)>15 days>10 days


* If your manuscript has 18000 words or more, please get a customized quote here


Manuscript FormattingUS$125 for full manuscript formatting, including page layout, text formatting, headings, title page, figure placement, and references, to ensure agreement with the guidelines of your target journal.


Figure FormattingUS$70 per figure, regardless of the number of panels, graphs, or images it contains
Custom Illustration and GraphingOwing to the unique nature of this service, pricing will vary based on the project. Services start around US$70–100, and we will work with you until you are satisfied with the final product. Please contact us for a quote.


Video AbstractUS$1,500 for a 1–2 minute animated abstract, associated Powerpoint slides, keyword tagging and posting on YouTube, plus author toolkit. Production time 3–4 weeks

Payment Options

Payment Options

We accept payment from most major credit card providers and by wire transfer (bank transfer), in several major currencies.

We also accept payment by PayPal for all services except Scientific Editing.

Please go to the FAQ for more information about payment.