Our prices are based on your document's word count and your desired turnaround time. Instructions on how to calculate the word count can be found in our FAQ.

All prices are in US dollars.


English Language Editing: Silver

 Turnaround (Business days)
Word count2 days4 days5 days7 days10 days
Fewer than 500 words$190$126
500 - 1500 words$375$241
1501 - 3500 words$464$292
3501 - 6000 words$563$354
6001 - 8000 words$647$401
8001 - 10000 words$716$460
10001 - 12000 words$798$508
12001 - 15000 words$853$585
15001 - 18000 words$901$651
Custom (>18,000 words)$46

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English Language Editing: Gold

 Turnaround (Business days)
Word count3 days6 days10 days
Fewer than 500 words$445$373
500 - 1500 words$481$398
1501 - 3500 words$551$449
3501 - 6000 words$639$526
6001 - 8000 words$708$589
8001 - 10000 words$778$654
10001 - 12000 words$849$730
12001 - 15000 words$834
15001 - 18000 words$954
Custom (>18,000 words)$65

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Scientific Editing

To obtain a price for Scientific Editing, please request a quote for your document.

As a guide price, a document of 1,501–3,500 words costs $2,200 for a Standard turnaround (11 business days).

Word countStandard turnaround
(Turnaround (Business days))
Express turnaround
(Turnaround (Business days))
Fewer than 500 words10 days5 days
500 - 1500 words10 days5 days
1501 - 3500 words11 days6 days
3501 - 6000 words13 days8 days
6001 - 8000 words14 days9 days
8001 - 10000 words15 days10 days
10001 - 12000 words16 days11 days
Custom (>12,000 words)>16 days>11 days

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Academic Translation

*If your document has 18,000 words or more, please get a custom quote here.

Manuscript Formatting

Manuscript Formatting$125 for full manuscript formatting, including page layout, formatting of the text, headings, title page, and references, and figure placement, to ensure agreement with the guidelines of your target journal.

Figure Formatting

Figure Formatting$70 per figure, regardless of the number of panels, graphs, or images it contains
Custom Illustration and GraphingOwing to the unique nature of this service, pricing will vary based on the project. Services start around $70–100, and we will work with you until you are satisfied with the final product. Please contact us for a quote.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Credit Cards

We accept these credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Bank Transfer

To pay by bank transfer, select ‘Bank Transfer’ as your payment method once you have uploaded your files. Once you have submitted your order, you will be able to print a copy of your invoice. The invoice will contain all of the information you will need to send us a bank/wire transfer. When you send your wire payment, please be sure to include your receipt code, which can be found on your invoice.

A $25 transfer fee will be added to the price by the receiving bank (except for Scientific Editing). Your bank may also require additional fees.

Note: the following payment methods are not accepted by Scientific Editing. They are accepted by all other Springer Nature author services.


To pay by PayPal, select ‘PayPal’ as your payment method once you have uploaded your files. You will be directed to the PayPal site to complete your transaction. To learn more about PayPal or to create an account, visit their site at

Customers from China have the following additional payment options available to them:


We accept payments via Alipay with the option of including Chinese Fapiao. If you need Chinese Fapiao (发票), please select our Alipay (支付宝) with Fapiao payment option and input the required information. Our business partner CIBTC will import the service and provide a Chinese Fapiao for you. We provide several Fapiao categories: Polishing Fee (润色费), Editing Fee (编辑费), Translation Fee (翻译费), Service Fee (服务费), Information Searching Fee (文献检索费), Foreign Text Fee (外文资料费), and Consulting Fee (咨询费). Please select your preferred Fapiao category during the online checkout process. There will be a fee of 8% on top of your order to cover the government tax and additional service. CIBTC will mail the Chinese Fapiao to you within 2 weeks of your payment. Please note that if you choose to pay by a credit card, purchase order, or PayPal, we cannot issue a Chinese Fapiao. Instead, you will receive a non-taxed receipt (收据) or bill (账单).

China UnionPay (UnionPay)

We accept CUP card payment by credit or debit card and can issue a Chinese Fapiao for you. If you need Chinese Fapiao, be sure to check the box “I need Chinese Fapiao” before payment. If you choose to use UnionPay cards, you will be linked to the official website of UnionPay to complete the payment process. For further information about CUP cards, please visit

WeChat pay

We accept payments using the WeChat app. Select Wechat as your payment option and you will be taken to the Wechat page to complete your payment.

Customers from Brazil have the following additional payment option available to them:


We accept all relevant payment methods via Allpago, the international payment gateway for Latin America.

To pay with a Boleto, you will need the CPF or CNPJ number of your institution or agency. You will also need the billing address and telephone number. There is a processing fee of $25 for this payment option, and the deadline for payment completion is 30 days from the time your boleto is issued.

Most funders will let you use a research grant fund to pay for editing services and other author services. Typically they ask for the receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.

When writing your next grant application, you might like to request dedicated funding for our services.

Please go to the FAQ for more information about payment.