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Get the best out of your writing with expert, in-depth editing and advice, following quality standards set by Nature Research.

We specialize in research papers, reviews and grant proposals within the natural sciences (medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences) and engineering.

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Make the most of your manuscript. We have services ranging from an editorial assessment to our full Scientific Editing option.

Manuscript Assessment ReportDevelopmental EditingScientific Editing
Thorough technical report and checklist
Quality standards set by Nature Research
Thorough strategic report
Language editing included
Extensive editing including narrative, logic and effectiveness
Editor commentary throughout manuscript
Novelty and impact
Journal recommendations
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Manuscript Assessment and Developmental Editing are available only for manuscripts in clinical and life sciences. To request an additional area of study, please complete the survey here. If you have any questions about these services, please contact us.

What we offer

Thorough technical report and checklist

Comments on the most important issues in scientific papers, with actions and improvements

INCLUDED IN: Manuscript Assessment Report

Quality standards set by Nature Research

The work is done by editorial experts familiar with your field, following strict Nature Research quality standards

INCLUDED IN: Manuscript Assessment Report Developmental Editing Scientific Editing

Thorough strategic report

A custom 4-8 page report providing insight into how journal editors, peer reviewers and readers might view your text. It also includes strategic advice for improving your writing in the future.

INCLUDED IN: Scientific Editing

Language editing included

First step: Your work is edited by a native English speaker in your field to remove language mistakes. They check grammar and punctuation and create natural and professional phrasing. Later editors can then focus on issues such as structure.

INCLUDED IN: Developmental Editing Scientific Editing

Extensive editing including narrative, logic and effectiveness

Main step: Editing and advice from a PhD-qualified, professional developmental editor, selected specifically for their understanding of the science within your paper, to address the presentation of:

  • your central question or objective
  • structure, clarity and flow of arguments
  • rationale, methods and conclusions
  • context and objective implications of the research
  • figures, tables and supplementary information
  • detail, emphasis and excessive length
  • cover letter and other supporting materials provided

INCLUDED IN: Developmental Editing Scientific Editing

Editor commentary throughout manuscript

Editors provide many comments to explain their edits and to suggest further changes that go beyond the scope of an edit. This helps authors understand our editing and build their writing skills.

INCLUDED IN: Developmental Editing Scientific Editing

Novelty and impact

By looking at the presentation of the novelty of your findings and their potential impact, we can help readers understand their value and help you decide where to publish.

INCLUDED IN: Developmental Editing Scientific Editing

Journal recommendations

Based on the current text, we suggest journals that fit the topic and seem broadly appropriate in terms of impact, in our opinion.

INCLUDED IN: Scientific Editing

Nature Research-standard editing

Edited by expert developmental editors:

  • PhD-qualified in a relevant topic
  • Trained to quality standards set by Nature Research
  • Know what editors and reviewers want and what can stand in the way of success

For a second, later evaluation of the same paper, we offer a 25% discount for Scientific Editing. Find out more from our customer services team.

Where our customers publish

  • Advanced Functional Materials
  • Cancer Research
  • Developmental Cell
  • Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  • Energy and Environmental Science
  • Genome Biology
  • Geophysical Research Letters
  • Immunity
  • Journal of Experimental Medicine
  • Nano Letters
  • Nature
  • Nature Climate Change
  • Nature Communications
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature Geoscience
  • Nature Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States
  • Science
  • Science Advances

What Customers Say

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your work. You did really an excellent job. What I liked in particular was that you gave comments with substantial suggestions how to improve. Although I have published till now quite a number of scientific papers (>300) and many of them in high impact journals I learned a lot throughout this. I Iook forward to future cooperation of mutual benefit.

Full Professor · University of Bayreuth · Germany

…the objective critiques enabled us to write a stronger paper that caught the eye of the editors at the Journal of Experimental Medicine and impressed the referees that reviewed the manuscript.

Research Fellow · University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) · USA

The report with the feedback summarizing edits and comments is very informative. We appreciate a lot your editor’s work, with changes tracked and comments on the text improving clearly our manuscript. Finally, your recommendations concerning the most appropriate journal for publication will decidedly help us for the next submission of our manuscript.

Research Director, CNRS/Team Leader · Sorbonne University · France

Thank you for your editing. It is really informative for me in enhancing the quality of my study.

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