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Formerly known as NPG Language Editing and MSC Scientific Editing

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English Language Editing

Expert editing to help you sound like a native English speaker

  • Editing by subject experts who are undertaking or have completed a Master’s, PhD or MD and are native English speakers
  • Quality checking by experienced professional editors
  • Fast turnaround and competitive prices
  • Appropriate for all types of documents in all subject areas
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Scientific Editing

Expert, comprehensive advice for improving the effectiveness of your work

  • PhD-qualified editors, most of whom have edited professionally at top journals
  • Extensive editing on the most important aspects of your writing, such as its structure and clarity and the effectiveness of the main argument
  • A detailed report with feedback and advice
  • Appropriate for research papers, reviews and grant applications within the natural sciences
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Why Nature Research Editing Service?


You are matched with editors who specialize in your subject area. They understand the terminology and the challenges that are unique to your discipline.


Many of our editors have worked as professional journal editors, some at top international journals. They know what journal editors and reviewers look for – and what can stand in the way of success.


We have been helping researchers meet their goals since 2008. Since then, thousands of academics from over 160 countries have relied on our editing service.

What Our Customers Say

English Language Editing | Silver

They are very quick. The manuscript was modified with high quality. The editors were excellent and well understood what my paper focuses. I have used this service twice and will suggest my colleagues to use it.

X. Ren · China
English Language Editing | Gold

The editing was perfect. The word choices and phrase constructions are exactly what I would like to use, but had no ability to do. They get the point of what you mean and write with precision and clarity. I recommend this for everyone. I tried only the gold level - it is much more than gold!

G. Volpato · Brazil
Scientific Editing

The editing service is outstanding and unique in its depth! Offering developmental edits and having experienced editors who worked for and have published in high-impact journals was the major reason for choosing your particular editing service.

Assistant Professor · Johns Hopkins University · USA
Scientific Editing

I’m really impressed all of your efforts and learned a lot. Also, thank you for your suggestion to edit the cover letter.