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Academic Translation

This Academic Translation service is brought to you by American Journal Experts (AJE).

Get academic documents translated into English from Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

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Translation into polished English is available for documents in Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

You are matched with translators who are experts in your field of study and who will accurately translate field-specific terms.

Once your document has been translated, it will be edited by AJE English Editing to ensure that the final document is polished and sounds natural in English.


Academic Translation

*If your document has 18,000 words or more, please get a custom quote here.


I am very satisfied with AJE translation service. It is quick and efficient and return a high quality revision. Referee´s complains ended since I begun the revision of my papers with AJE.

Horacio Dottori, Brazil

American Journal Experts are very quick, have a very good price and do an excellent job. I have proved many companies of translation and this is one of the best. I think the journals reviewers will never say us more that the English of our manuscripts should be revised for a native!

David González-Cutre, Spain

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

All complete manuscripts submitted for the Academic Translation service are eligible to receive an AJE Editing Certificate.

Academic Translation includes unlimited free re-editing of your translated text and one additional free translation of up to 1,500 new words related to the original document. AJE guarantees that if you are not satisfied with the translation, or if a journal says that the English in your paper needs improvement, your document will be re-edited for free until English is no longer a barrier to publication.



Do you have translators in my field?
We have translators in every major field. If you don’t see your area of study on our list, please contact us, and we will let you know if any qualified translators are available.
Do you translate official documents (e.g., birth certificates, diplomas, school transcripts)?
We do not currently provide notarized translations, which are usually required in order for this type of document to be used for official purposes.

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