Grant Proposal Editing

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Grant Proposal Editing

Writing a grant proposal? Our Scientific Editing and English Language Editing services can help you secure research funding.

Scientific Editing

Our editors

Our Scientific Editors:

  • have experience of writing and editing grant proposals for major funding bodies, including ERC, MRC, Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, NIH and NSF
  • are PhD-qualified in a relevant scientific field
  • have generally worked previously as journal editors, in many cases selective journals, so they are used to evaluating impact

The edits

Scientific Editing examines your grant proposal in great detail, making many edits and comments to help:

  • Emphasize the significance and potential impact of the work, including across disciplines
  • Ensure that the proposal states a clear and appropriately justified aim, and specific, clear and measurable objectives are provided that relate to that aim
  • Assess how strongly the objectives are reflected in the description of work to be undertaken
  • Review how well the methods and expected outcomes, are communicated, and that risk and contingency planning are accounted for
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English Editing

Our editors

We have 1,200 language editors. All are native English speakers and have completed or are undertaking a Master’s, PhD or MD.

Your grant proposal is matched with editors who specialize in the same subject area so they are fluent, not only in English, but also in the terminology and conventions used in your field.

Two levels

Our English Language Editing service is available in two levels, Silver and Gold:

  • Silver corrects errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, rephrases sentences that sound unnatural or confusing, and makes your style sound more professional.
  • Gold edits provides additional edits to Silver and makes further improvements to the style and phrasing. It also provides a personalized summary of the editing to develop your writing skills for the future.
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English Language Editing: Silver

 Turnaround (Business days)
Word count2 days4 days5 days7 days10 days
Fewer than 500 words$190$126
500 - 1500 words$375$241
1501 - 3500 words$464$292
3501 - 6000 words$563$354
6001 - 8000 words$647$401
8001 - 10000 words$716$460
10001 - 12000 words$798$508
12001 - 15000 words$853$585
15001 - 18000 words$901$651
Custom (>18,000 words)$46

English Language Editing: Gold

 Turnaround (Business days)
Word count3 days6 days10 days
Fewer than 500 words$445$373
500 - 1500 words$481$398
1501 - 3500 words$551$449
3501 - 6000 words$639$526
6001 - 8000 words$708$589
8001 - 10000 words$778$654
10001 - 12000 words$849$730
12001 - 15000 words$834
15001 - 18000 words$954
Custom (>18,000 words)$65

Scientific Editing

To obtain a price for Scientific Editing, please enter your word count.

Word countStandard turnaround
(Turnaround (Business days))
Express turnaround
(Turnaround (Business days))
Fewer than 500 words10 days5 days
500 - 1500 words10 days5 days
1501 - 3500 words11 days6 days
3501 - 6000 words13 days8 days
6001 - 8000 words14 days9 days
8001 - 10000 words15 days10 days
10001 - 12000 words16 days11 days
Custom (>12,000 words)>16 days>11 days