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Create a short animated video to explain the key findings of your paper to colleagues, collaborators, funders, and the public.



Annual Review of Environment and Resources, November 2015

Livestock and the Environment: What Have We Learned in the Past Decade?

By Herrero, et al.


International Journal for Quality in Healthcare, April 2014

Patient safety in the operating theatre: how A3 thinking can help reduce door movement

By Aij, KH


MRS Bulletin, October 2015

Engineered nanomaterials in aerospace

By Arepalli and Moloney

Details & Pricing

Multimedia content can help drive a global audience to your article. Our Video Abstract service includes:

a 1–2 minute animated video explaining the key findings from your paper
a PowerPoint slide deck of images from the video to use in presentations
your video posted on AJE's YouTube and Vimeo channels and tagged with keywords, a short title, and a description, as well as an article link to make your video more discoverable
an author checklist with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your video

Pricing: US$1,500 | Average Production Time: 3–4 weeks


Two distinct influences of Arctic warming on cold winters over North America and East Asia

Nature Geoscience
August 2015

Two distinct influences of Arctic warming on cold winters over North America and East Asia

It was great experience for us to see how our scientific description can be translate into public words. Interactions with your team (writers/illustrators) were very prompt and efficient as they already well understand the main idea of our paper. I... Read more

Jee-Hoon Jeong, PhD | Earth Systems & Environmental Sciences, Chonnam National University

Observation of the nonlinear phase shift due to single post-selected photons

Nature Physics
August 2015

Observation of the nonlinear phase shift due to single post-selected photons

The video creation process was quite smooth and [the production team] consulted us about the accuracy of the details in the video very carefully. We have used the video to promote our work on social media and can also embed... Read more

Amir Feizpour, PhD | Department of Physics, University of Oxford

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Video Abstracts

What supporting documents would be useful to upload with the manuscript?

Any of the following are useful to our writers and animators as we learn about your work and create your video:

  • Original, high-resolution figure or image files
  • A summary slide of your project (something you might use at the beginning of a talk to introduce your research)
  • Any short videos or other other multimedia that have been produced to accompany your research, if applicable
How much input will I have?

We will return the first draft of the script to you for feedback and will not proceed with animation until we have your final approval of the written script.

Please note: The script will ultimately be read aloud as the narration to your video, so the writing style is different from that of formal scientific writing. We try to avoid jargon and acronyms, and we intentionally write shorter sentences, which are easier for the listener to follow. We also limit the word count to 300 words to keep the script focused.

Who makes these videos?
The video production team is composed of writers, voice-over artists, illustrators, and animators with graduate-level scientific training from top US research universities. Our goal is to produce an accurate synopsis of your article that is accessible to a wide audience – from colleagues and potential collaborators within and outside the field to funders and members of the public who are interested in the research.

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