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Also available, from AJE: Academic Translation, & Manuscript Formatting.

Nature Research Editing Service Nature Research Editing Service

English Language Editing

  • High quality language editing to standards set by Nature Research

  • Editors with a research or clinical background in your subject area, who undergo substantial editorial training and are continually reviewed for quality

  • Two levels of editing (Silver and Gold) and a quality guarantee

  • Pricing is based on wordcount and starts as low as $87 to give your paper the best chance of being published

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Scientific Editing

  • Examines all aspects of your scientific document

  • Uses advanced degree holders in your field, editing to quality standards set by Nature Research

  • Includes a detailed report with feedback and, for journal manuscripts, and publishing advice based on our editors’ detailed assessment of your findings

  • Pricing is per paper and word count. Starting at only $1500 you can ensure the very best version of your work is submitted

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AJE Services

Academic Translation

Translates your manuscript into English from Spanish, Portuguese, or simplified Chinese.

Manuscript Formatting

Formats your manuscript to conform to a specified journal’s formatting guidelines at submission or resubmission.

Why Springer Nature Author Services?


At Nature Research Editing Service, our editors are matched to the subject area of each document and are continually reviewed for quality to ensure Nature Research high standards are maintained.


We offer a variety of services – editing, translation, formatting, and illustration – helping you present and promote your work more effectively.


Nature Research Editing Service and AJE have been helping researchers meet their goals since 2008 and 2004, respectively. Thousands of academics from over 160 countries have benefited from these services.

What Customers Say

English Language Editing | Silver

They are very quick. The manuscript was modified with high quality. The editors were excellent and well understood what my paper focuses. I have used this service twice and will suggest my colleagues to use it.

X. Ren · China
English Language Editing | Gold

The editing was perfect. The word choices and phrase constructions are exactly what I would like to use, but had no ability to do. They get the point of what you mean and write with precision and clarity. I recommend this for everyone. I tried only the gold level - it is much more than gold!

G. Volpato · Brazil
Scientific Editing

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your work. You did really an excellent job. What I liked in particular was that you gave comments with substantial suggestions how to improve. Although I have published till now quite a number of scientific papers (>300) and many of them in high impact journals I learned a lot throughout this.

Full Professor · University of Bayreuth · Germany
Scientific Editing

Based on the comments provided by you and your colleagues, we substantially rewrote my manuscript in order to clarify the paper’s take home message for our audience. We then submitted the paper to The Journal of Experimental Medicine and it was sent out for review within two weeks. We just received comments back yesterday from the referees and they were overall very positive. My advisor and I found the comments provided by the Scientific Editing editors to be very insightful and helpful. I think the objective critiques enabled us to write a stronger paper that caught the eye of the editors at JEM and impressed the referees that reviewed the manuscript.

Research Fellow · UCLA · USA
AJE Academic Translation

American Journal Experts are very quick, have a very good price and do an excellent job. I have proved many companies of translation and this is one of the best. I think the journals reviewers will never say us more that the English of our manuscripts should be revised for a native!

David González-Cutre · Spain
AJE Services

I had the pleasure to work with AJE working on my manuscript. They have done a great job and improved it substantially. Journal editor for the first time did not complain about language issues. I´m from Spain and my written English is not as would as I would like. They were really helpful. Thanks very much. I hope my paper is published soon!

Sílvia Zaragoza Domingo, Spain